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by salavon701, 19 days ago

Tet and I decided it was time to throw out a guild challenge/contest. We wanted something anyone could do, especially with it being Thanksgiving week something people could do in their free time if they wanted to. Anyone in the guild and even some that are friends with the guild are welcome to participate in this.

The Challenge:

Meme Contest, we want you all to create memes depicting the guild in some way, or Tet and I in some way that fits in with the guild somehow/the game. 

How it will work:

We will accept up to 3 memes from each person, we will then pick our favorite 3 from the batch, and let the guild vote on their favorite one. 


1. Memes must be original, please dont steal some from other people, random ones you found on the internet, etc.

2. Memes must be tied to our guild in some way, or Tet and I. (Please dont be cheap and bring our private matters/Real life into this out of respect.) 

3. All memes must be submitted by Saturday Nov 26th by 7pm EST.

4. You cannot submit more than 3 memes. 

Extra Information:

We are withholding memes that have anything to do with anyone in the guild that isnt Tet or I due to us not wanting to upset/hurt anyones feelings who didnt ask to be apart of this. 

As for Tet and I you are welcome to go completely brutal within reason. (No cheap shots on real life things, like family, work, relationships etc.) We will take everything you guys say as a joke and will not be offended, so feel free to roast us, make fun of us, etc, as long as you tie it in with something in the game, or with the guild. 

I.E. (A picture of Sal with his transmog not matching) "If Sal cant get his transmog to match how can he expect to raid lead." ^ that is okay.

I.E. (Picture of Sal in real life) "Sals beard is terrible, no wonder he has no friends" ^ that is not okay.


The Winner:

We wanted to do something to try and get people in the guild to participate. 

1st. Place: 20$ at least gift card. It can be higher than 20, but no less.

2nd place: Unsure

3rd place: Unsure


More information:

Yall can submit the memes, on facebook, in private message, on here, or save it to like imgur, then send me a link. If you send it privately, or where not anyone can really see, no one will be able to see it until the contest is over when i post them all, besides Tet and I. 

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